About VKI (Vara Kamin Images)

Vara Kamin Images (VKI) are ideal for hospitals, healthcare facilities, medical wellness and medispas, hospitality, corporate environments and residences.

VKI founder Vara Kamin is a pioneer and a respected thought leader in healing art. Vara has developed artwork integrating her experience in meditation and mindfulness practice, as well as intuitive, creative self-expression. Early adopters in the fields of holistic mind-body healing and stress management, saw the potential of using Vara’s artwork in hospitals and healthcare facilities. They have successfully used VKI art to realize the restorative, healing, relaxing benefits of Vara’s Images. With the evolution of integrative medicine over the past 15-20 years, VKI art is now deployed in hospitals and healthcare facilities throughout the U.S.

Vara Kamin Images (VKI) has been helping hospitals and designers since 2000.

With growing awareness to nurture mindfulness and to connect with the body’s innate ability to heal and relax in daily life, VKI products are being requested more and more in chapels, medical wellness and medi spas, corporate quiet rooms, meeting spaces, hospitality and private residences.


Vara Kamin Images (VKI) –

Vara Kamin Images (VKI) for replication have been selected from over 100 original works of art by Vara Kamin that have been placed throughout the U.S. in both public and private settings.

Empowering Design Process

The VKI team has a very well developed system to work closely with healthcare administrators and practitioners, building owners, builders and architects empowering their design and building processes.

With Kamin’s original works of art as the foundation, the Images are developed using a highly creative process. VKI has an established track record for quality reproductions in a variety of custom layouts of different sizes and shapes that meet the specific project needs.

VKI art can be reproduced using a wide range of media options. A few examples –

  1. Printing on a thin film that can be attached to glass or a resin substrate such as polycarbonate, PETG or acrylic
  2. Printing directly on a resin substrate
  3. Inter-laminating in laminate glass
  4. Printing on a fabric

VKI projects can be backlit using custom lighting solutions. The VKI team has experience working with a variety of lighting products and companies.

The VKI team works closely with customers guiding them in selection of the right medium and the lighting solution that help them achieve their specific design objectives.