VKI Project Book

For client reference: Installation Site Summary


VKI Summary of Use

For client reference: an abridged explanation of VKI Image use with installation sites and commentary.


The Impact of Light and Color

Exploring the meaning and effects of color—integrating the VKI Images.


LECOM Case Study

Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine
VKI art creates empowering shift with two-story 18′ tall backlit wall installation.


Linear Accelerator Suite at William E. Kahlert Regional Cancer Center at Carroll Hospital | VKI Image: Infinite Moments ©

CHCC Case Study

The William E. Kahlert Regional Cancer center at Carroll Hospital
Westminster, MD
Incorporating VKI art into healing philosophies.


HERD Journal

Judy Ann Rollins, PhD, BFA, RN
From HERD Volume 4, Number 3
April 1, 2011
An exploration of Vara’s art in relation to the healthcare setting.


Letters of Hope

Vara was nominated as a HOPE BUILDER by a 6th grade student in Religious class at the Carondelet Catholic School in Minneapolis, MN. In his words, “Vara is a Hope Builder because Vara helps people not be so afraid”.

Following her nomination, Vara met with the class. On the day she spoke to the students, they were studying the lives and traditions of Trappist Monks. One of their assignments for the day was participating in a ‘Monastic Day of Silence’. With a raised hand, they could ask questions; otherwise they were required to sit still–in silence. Not an easy task for any one, especially 6th graders.

The selected students’ ‘Letters of Hope’ are from the collection of essays written from the class assignment: a personal reflection of their thoughts on HOPE, following Vara’s presentation.