VKI has a well-developed system to work closely with building owners, builders, architects and designers integrating their design and building processes.

With Kamin’s original Works of Art as the foundation, VKI Images are developed incorporating various creative processes, resulting in high quality reproductions in a variety of custom layouts of different sizes and shapes that meet the project-specific needs.

VKI can be reproduced using a wide range of media options including, but not limited to, printing on:

  1. Resin substrates such as polycarbonate, PETG or acrylic
  2. Film that can be inter-laminated in laminated safety glass
  3. PVC stretch ceiling and wall systems
  4. Film that can be applied to the first or second surface of  selected substrate
  5. Fabric
  6. Dye-sublimation on metal

Working with a variety of lighting products and companies, projects incorporating VKI are typically designed to be backlit using custom lighting solutions; however, fine art giclée prints, prints on metal and other non-backlit reproductions are also available.

VKI provides custom design services, lighting solution recommendations, and installation support, as well background information on the intent behind each image.