Vara Kamin Images (VKI) – Create Memorable Experiences

Vara Kamin Images (VKI) create memorable experiences.

While representational static imagery, such as images of natural landscapes provide a visual context, Vara Kamin’s art work takes your visual experience to a whole new level. The VKI Images create a shift in energy connecting viewers to a comforting and reflective quiet inner space. The deeply interactive experience with the VKI Images allows viewers to open up to their own intuitive realm and active imagination.

Every VKI installation project is an engaging, dynamic, interpretive, moving, visceral experience.

The VKI team has a system to understand and capture clients’ design objectives. The team uses a collaborative development process for working closely together with customers.

  • The VKI Images are designed using a highly creative methodology that combines different cross sections of Vara Kamin’s original paintings.
  • Customers’ installation for a specific project can be of any size and shape as required.
  • VKI offers an extended set of Vara Kamin’s paintings for replication; the team is able to guide customers in the selection of paintings as well.
  • The flexibility to create a fully customized unique Image installation, empowers VKI customers in realizing the intended design that resonates with the overall theme and vision of the project.

VKI has a proven track record for selecting and integrating the best backlighting solution for the client project installations. The VKI team works with a number of companies to select the right technology and lighting products for the project, whether the art is for a lobby, a corporate collaborative space, a hospital or healthcare setting, or a wall or ceiling in a private residence.

Case Study: Backlit Wall Design for Welcome Area Lobby at LECOM

The Welcome Area lobby at the Wellness Center of the Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine (LECOM) has a two story, 18′ high, backlit wall that has become an inviting beacon for all who look into the building from outside. When visitors walk in, the VKI Image Moon Drops© creates an inner shift for visitors, getting them in the groove of fitness and training.

Such Images have created similar feelings of empowerment in the corporate and hospitality environment, as well.

CASE STUDY: VKI Art at the LECOM Wellness Center Transformed Backlit Wall in to an Inviting Beacon
CASE STUDY: VKI Art at the LECOM Wellness Center Transformed Backlit Wall into an Inviting Beacon

Case Study: Backlit Ceilings Design at WEKRCC

The William E. Kahlert Regional Cancer Center (WEKRCC) at Carroll Hospital in Westminster, MD is designed with the intent of integrating art in the healing practices.

The VKI team worked closely with the hospital design committee and created a ceiling design utilizing two of Vara Kamin’s paintings: Infinite Moments© and Sea Garden©.

These ceilings are 8’ and 10’ in diameter. Installed in the radiology rooms, the Images (with integrated controlled backlighting) actively engage patients and staff, distracting them from the stress and anxiety of rigorous cancer treatment procedures.

Vara Kamin Images (VKI) for Radiology Rooms at Carroll Hospital Cancer Center (CHCC) | Positive Point of Focus for Patients, Family and Staff
Vara Kamin Images (VKI) Case Study: Vara Kamin’s Art Integrated with Backlit Ceilings for Positive Point of Focus at William E Kahlert Regional Cancer Center (WEKRCC), Carroll Hospital, Westminster, MD

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The VKI team combines artwork that is rooted in a deeply creative, intuitive realm with cutting-edge technology that scales it to different shapes and sizes. The art can be printed on a variety of mediums and integrated with backlighting to create a wide range of options for hospitals, healthcare facilities, medical wellness, medispas, hospitality facilities, corporate environments and residences.

Have questions about using VKI art and technology for your specific project? We’d be happy to understand your design objectives and explain options to achieve them.

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