Vara Kamin’s Impressions of Light

Vara Kamin Images (VKI) create memorable experiences.

Vara Kamin specializes in creating works of art that unlock the body’s natural healing, soothing, and self-nurturing capabilities. Rich in color, movement, and texture, Kamin’s paintings provide a positive point of focus while stimulating active imagination and inviting the viewer to a place of self-reflection.

To nurture mindfulness, connect with the body’s innate healing capacities and to manage the stressors of daily life more skillfully, the use of VKI Images offers functional and supportive design elements for:

•  Adult and pediatric hospitals and clinical care settings
•  Long term care facilities
•  Meditation chapels
•  Cancer centers
•  Shared multi-use and satellite healthcare clinics
•  General and specialty dental clinics

VKI Images also provide valuable supportive design elements for spaces outside of healthcare settings that include: corporate quiet/respite rooms, educational settings, high impact public spaces in hospitality and transportation settings.



“Imagery is . . . the communication mechanism between perception, emotion, and bodily change.”

©2006 Center for Mind-Body-Medicine
Washington D.C



Vara Kamin Images (VKI) for replication have been selected from over 100 original works of art by Vara Kamin that have been placed throughout the U.S. in both public and private settings.